Hiker Hostel is now Barefoot Hills Hotel

creating an experiential boutique hotel with superior personalized service

Our property was founded in 2004 as Hiker Hostel by experienced hiking enthusiasts who realized that there was a lot more to starting their Appalachian Trail journey then most people would think. Now, thirteen years later, not only do AT Thru Hikers visit us each Spring to begin their journey North, we also attract outdoor enthusiasts of all disciplines, from all over the globe.  Anyone is welcome to come and stay, and experience the benefits and personal service that AT Thru Hikers have known since our beginnings.

In March 2017, Hiker Hostel was acquired by Barefoot Hills, LLC.  Over the summer of 2017, Hiker Hostel underwent extensive upgrades and renovations, and was reopened as Barefoot Hills.

Today, Section Hikers, Cyclists, Mountain Bikers, Kayakers, Fly Fishermen and general nature enthusiasts of all walks join Wine Country aficionados, Gold Rush history buffs, and everyone else who has come to appreciate all that scenic Dahlonega has to offer during their stay at Barefoot Hills Hotel.

Of course, we remain true to our core AT Thru hiking guests, and to the Hiker Hostel community of guests whom made Barefoot Hills Hotel possible.


Ambiance, service and the ability to experience all that life has to offer is how we define luxury.

Barefoot Luxury properties, experiences and events are centered on only one thing — you.  We want you to enjoy the casual elegance of your accommodations, experience your surroundings to their fullest extent, and savor every moment… until you return again.