Giving Back

Aim-Achieve-Arrive Center

Barefoot Hills Hotel, TripAdvisor’s #1 ranked hotel in Dahlonega since 2017, in partnership with the Chrysalis Fund, a registered 501c3 charity focused on childhood development programs within public school systems nationwide, is pleased to sponsor the AAA Center to benefit the advancement of the Lumpkin County School system’s Aim-Achieve-Arrive program in preparing students for internships, apprenticeships, and careers with the following objectives: 
"Imagine if schools actually helped kids identify their strengths by exploring their talents from a young age and growing their skills over their years of K-12 education instead of letting them all follow the same routine and leaving them confused in life after graduation.
This notion is what drives us in Lumpkin County to think outside the box, to be innovative, and to work with our community as a whole in educating the whole student.
Lumpkin County Schools will work with every student in their senior year of high school to find him/her an internship, job, or some experience specific to their desired career path. Our Aim-Achieve-Arrive Center is a place for us to meet with students to help with resumes, job applications, and interview skills. The last step once they have secured the interview is for us to outfit them with one outfit per student (from top to bottom). The idea is that we give each student an outfit that works for their new career (maybe it’s a shirt and tie and dress shoes or maybe it’s work boots and carpenter pants). No matter the style, each student is given a full outfit to better prepare them for success!
When we have over 200 seniors a year, this means we need many sponsors to stock the appropriate clothing and sizes. We are confident we can purchase almost all of the clothing and shoes needed for roughly $50 per student.
Our wrap-around services model truly prepares our students for life after high school graduation. It is no longer enough for us to get students across the stage with a high school diploma in hand; Lumpkin County aspires for all our students to successful and productive in all manners of their life. With your help and support, our aspirations become reality."

Appalachian Trail Conservancy

As a way to show our support to the hiking community, we created the Thru-Hiker Package in 2018, a one-stop-shop for Northbound thru-hikers to make the planning process for starting your journey easier. This all-inclusive package offered shuttle services, breakfast, and a bunk or private room with our pledge to donate 10% of proceeds to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy for the 2018 & 2019 Thru-Hiker seasons.